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Are Power Washing Services Worth It?

Do you know that some power washing services are worth it? 

Power washing businesses can help you to clean and maintain your car, home, and other surfaces. These services can be worth it if you’re looking for a thorough cleaning job that will remove years of dirt buildup from any surface.

Once you have decided that adding power washing services to your business is right for you, there are some things that you will need to know about the process. The more knowledge that you have regarding the work, the better choices you will be able to make while undertaking this project.

  1. You must obtain a permit in most areas of the US before offering power washing services, check with your local municipality for requirements and documentation which must be filed before starting any power washing jobs. 
  2. Ensure all pressure washers and water-fed poles meet strict national standards and are up to code; these can easily be found at local hardware stores or on sites like.
  3. Ensure all contracts and agreements are in writing; this will protect both you and your clients to reduce the likelihood of legal disputes.
  4. Develop a standard contract for services that can be provided by your company; make sure to add anything which is an add-on (such as deodorizing or mildew removal), since these could cause complaints when not performed.
  5. Request references from past customers to ensure satisfaction, when possible call the reference’s place of business to ask them about the quality and timeliness of service that was given. 
  6. Carry an adequate amount of liability and worker’s compensation insurance before starting any power washing jobs, if someone were injured during service, this insurance would cover their medical expenses and time away from work. 
  7. Always provide a written quote before beginning any work, this will ensure that both you and the customer are on the same page regarding prices and services that are provided. 
  8. Make sure to fully clean up after every job is finished by either re-washing surfaces or collecting leftover waste materials in dumpsters away from public view, leaving waste material lying around could be seen as an annoyance which could result in fines or negative press for your company’s reputation.
  9. You should use discretion when deciding if offering power washing services is right for your business; it can be expensive but does offer thorough cleaning at affordable rates which makes it appealing to many homeowners and businesses alike, just make sure you’re aware of all local ordinances and other factors before making this decision. 
  10. If you decide that power washing services is not for your company, then do not pressure wash without proper training or certification; this can lead to injuries and damage to property which could result in fines and lawsuits.
  11. You must order equipment and materials before beginning any jobs; vendors selling supplies may require sizable orders so it’s best to plan ahead before purchasing equipment and other items related to providing power washing services.
  12. Determine if your company will offer only exterior work or interior work as well since these types of jobs require different pressure washers and water types.
  13. Keep track of equipment and materials by tagging items with a numbered inventory system, this will help to ensure that nothing is lost and customers pay for only the services which they receive.

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