Ways to Clean Faster with A Gas Pressure Washer

Ways to Clean Faster with A Gas Pressure Washer

You can use a gas pressure washer to power through tough dirt and grime on the exterior of your home. These machines have a lot more power than electric pressure washers, so they can blast away stains you might need heavy-duty chemicals for. 

Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services

Some of the uses of a gas pressure washer include:

Cleaning paint

These machines are able to go through all kinds of tough dirt and stains on exterior surfaces, including small concrete driveways or garage parking lots in addition to the parts of a house that a standard homeowner would be likely to try cleaning with one of these machines. You can even use it with a specialized pressure washer attachment called a power washer wand, which lets you clean any part of your car with ease — going right up into the wheel wells if you want! 

Cleaning vinyl siding

If you have siding on your house, you can use a gas-powered pressure washer to blast away any small vines growing up the side of your home. If you have a vinyl-sided house, you can also get rid of scratches and other damage caused by flying rocks from lawn equipment that the owner might not have been aware of yet.

Cleaning a house

Pressure cleaners are useful for all kinds of commercial jobs as well, especially when it comes to cleaning houses! They’re particularly great for getting pet stains off carpeting or fabrics with a few treatments — if you’ve got an old set of drapes with unsightly rust stains between pleats or on one corner, it’s much better to clean them in place than throwing them out and having to buy new ones.

Pro Tip:

It goes without saying that working with any kind of power equipment is going to be dangerous, but you’ll want to take extra special care around the powerful components in these types of cleaners. You should always read and understand the included operating manual before getting started, and get your machine inspected by somebody familiar with its parts if something seems off about it when you get it home.

Always wear eye protection when using one of these machines to make sure debris doesn’t fly off and hit you in the eyes or face — nobody wants an injury like that.

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